Distribution and Logistics

We have the GREEN ROOM handling the distribution and logistics of Our Glōbo‘s products.

GREEN ROOM‘s Core Team:

Jim has been in distribution logistics for over 20 years. He has started and operated distribution facilities in various parts of the United States, Canada and Singapore. His background in supply chain management includes five years at Starbucks Coffee Company where he was the director of distribution, transportation and retail customer service.

Jim’s department handled the international transportation, storage and distribution of green and roasted coffee and coffee supplies. His background includes years of starting, operating and improving operations including management, inventory systems and operations (order fulfillment, packaging, transportation). Jim brings his depth of experience, enthusiasm and creativity to give hands on operational care to The Green Room in order to better serve the coffee community.

Pat founded The Green Room with Jim in July 2000. Pat’s vision for The Green Room began with the idea of creating a 3rd party distribution business that would provide a uniquely personal approach to doing business. One where clients would engage The Green Room as a division of their own business rather than as a detached contracted service provider.

Pat was previously a founder of Atlas Coffee Importers, an importer of specialty green coffee. His experience in importing and brokerage gives him a useful perspective from which to serve the interests of his clients. Having been in their position he recognizes the importance of shared goals and integrated business processes.

Pat works with Jim and the rest of the staff to make The Green Room a meaningful place to work and a rewarding company to work with. (back)