Our Glōbo is among the first in the world to use the “ECO Circle” fabric from Teijin in Japan and “RePet” fabric from Libolon in Taiwan for these multi-functional jackets for toddlers. (more)Pack'em Now! Pack ’em Now !~A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Sustainable Schools Initiative~Preparing our students and schools for tomorrow, today

Jacket details:

  • Outer layer
    • ECO CIRCLE® ripstop recycled fabrics from Teijin for the mesh lined version
    • Light weight with water and wind resistant treatment
    • RePET™ recycled fabrics from LIBOLON for the fleece lined version
    • Mid weight: 202g/y; water and wind resistant treatment
  • Inner layer
    • (fleece) — Micro fleece x 150gm/m2
    • (mesh) — Breathable mesh lining
  • Contrasting color theme— bright and snazzy
  • Adjustable closure throughout — custom velcro system
  • Adjustable bungee cord around hip — for element sealing hem
  • Roll up hood in hidden pouch
  • Generous size pocket on the back and 2 front pockets
  • Individually numbered for easy tracking option


Size Chart Measurement :

Size Height
(up to)
(up to)
from neck to hip)
(across chest)
Sleeve Length
(humerus to wrist)
2/3 3’2″ 30 lbs 17 inches 15 in 17 inches
4/5 3’10” 45 lbs 22 inches 16.5 in 20.5 in

About Our Glōbo material source of ECO CIRCLE®

Our Glōbo has selected ECO CIRCLE® recycled fabrics from TEIJIN of Japan, for our mesh lined jackets. ECO CIRCLE® is among the first in the world to create this closed-loop recycling system for apparel application. Our Glōbo engaged and participated into this cutting edge system as a meaningful way to support further development of this technology to regenerate and reuse material that significantly reduces water and power consumption, and continually minimizes CO2 and waste output. After the enjoyment cycle of the apparel products, they are broken down and processed to create new polyester fiber with no compromise in quality or variation.

Teijin uses DMT (dimethyl terephthalate) as the intermediate chemical in the manufacture of PET. Teijin provided us with energy use and CO2 emissions information for both production of DMT from virgin materials and ECO CIRCLE ™ Process:

Production of 1 metric ton DMT by Teijin Energy Use
(MJ/metric ton DMT)
(metric tons/1 metric ton of DMT)
Virgin Process 72,422 4.183
ECO CIRCLE ™ 11,962 0.98
(savings %)

About Our Glōbo material source of RePet ™

Our Glōbo has selected RePET™ recycled fabrics from LIBOLON, for our fleece lined jackets. RePET™ is created from existing feedstock, reduces emissions of GHG and COD, lowers water consumption, and decreases the amount of chemicals involved. By adopting this type of fabric, Our Glōbo contributes to the conservation of natural resources, and reduces the burden on the environment. RePET™offers higher performance, including light-protection, water-protection, wind resistance, washing-protection, anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-weathering, and color reproducibility properties.

RePET™vs Regular RipStop Fabric :

(ton / 104 yards)
(M3/ 104 yards)
(kg/ 104 yards)
Energy use
(KWH / 104 yards)
RePET 2.143 30 221 3245
(savings %)
( 63.17% )

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