Our Process



We seek materials and designs for our products to be functional and follow the principle of sustainability. This is not always straightforward and easy, but we can report that Teijin ‘s ECO-Circle recycled polyester material, for our eco GO Jacket, uses 76% less energy and can be recycled endlessly. We are also constructing a proprietary “take back” program to close the loop. The eco GO Jacket is our first effort in the apparel sector, and we thank all those who helped us achieve this goal.


In light of the heightened concerns on the origin and process of the products, and with the help from our expert affiliates, we are crafting a balanced verification system to encourage and empower our suppliers and vendors to continue refining their sustainability practices. Essentially, we educate and monitor closely our whole supply chain, and stimulate them to subscribe to our sustainability goal. We adopt a bottom up approach to derive genuine interests from our partners along the supply chain to comply. We heartily support their own initiated program in order to reach fair trade and labor practices in a fully transparent manner.


Another significant program that we are constructing is the “take back” program. We will take back our offered products after their useful life cycle and enter them into continuous reusable cycles.

We continue to listen, learn, and refine our approach in hopes of contributing to the authentic growth in sustainability.