Our Story


Born from our concern for the diminishing natural resources available for future generations, Our Glōbo was formed by a group of friends from diverse cultures and walks of life. We include Grandpa John and Grandma Nancy from their retirement, Uncle Nate from the financial industry, Grandpa Milt from his corporate world, Grandma Diane from her artistic roots, Grandpa Rick from the NGO world, father Stan from the entrepreneur domain, and mother Charlene from the fashion sector. Each of us seeks to create eco-products and solutions that will contribute in a small way to our globe’s sustainable growth.

Over months of brainstorming sessions and countless cups of coffee, our ranks grew and friendships deepened. Our convictions intensified, and we agreed on a unified mission: to create useful, sustainable, and especially cool solutions for our community and future generations. By combining our wealth of business experiences, extensive direct commercial contacts, and deep appreciation of sustainability principles, we are able to comb the globe for viable solutions and select appropriate suppliers for our goods.

Based in the lush Pacific Northwest, with colleagues and friends spanning the globe, we actively engage our local and international partners to produce products that are socially, environmentally, and economically beneficial.

We support educational programs such as the Sustainable Schools Initiative that we believe can help build the educational base for a sustainable future. We are encouraged by our members, our partners, our communities, and our friends.

The eco  GO Jacket is our first creation based upon its practical use for our children and grandchildren. Under our theme of resource stewardship, we have selected criteria to use sensible, renewable materials as well as recycled polyester as the foundation for our apparel line.

We are the first to admit that we do not have perfectly “sustainable” or eco solutions. We see current choices as “transition strategies.” Price, functionality, and availability are all factors. To live wisely, Our Glōbo seeks to explore, learn, and engage with others as we travel toward a sustaining and hopeful future for current and upcoming generations.

We feel we are at the beginning of a long and exciting journey. We seek to combine our business experiences with deep personal values in order to open another positive path leading to a sustaining future. Our simple goal is to engage with fellow travelers to design and produce products that are socially, environmentally, and economically positive. Along our journey, we are looking for the wisest business opportunities, partners, and suppliers. It is indeed an exciting exploration, and we are discovering and learning more each day. Thank you to all who have shared their knowledge and experience!


A diverse team with fun in mind

Our Globo team family members