Stan’s bio – continued…..

Stanley Tsang currently serves as Managing Director of Global Sustaining Equity Management, LLC, a for profit company offering “green” products and services. He also serves as Senior Advisor for the International Sustainable Development Foundation, a nonprofit organization promoting sustainable business practices, the China-US Center for Sustainable Development, and the I-Mei Group, one of the largest privately held groups in Taiwan. He is an alternate member of the APEC Business Advisory Council and has been involved in the APEC Fora since 1997.

In addition, Stan serves as a board director for the following companies: Rich Class Company, a consumer products importer; Valley Lane Company, a shoe manufacturer; Lite-Max Ltd., an LED light manufacturer, and PacCon Inc., an investment holding company. He has also served on the Finance Committee of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee.

Stan graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle and worked in the investment management industry from 1981-90. In 1990, along with a few partners, he started one of the first professional baseball companies in Taiwan which owned a team called the Blackhawks, later sold to the China Times Group in 1992. After the sale, he started to diversify his interests to numerous industry sectors in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 2002, Stan returned to Seattle to raise his young family. He continues the journey in following his conviction and drawing upon his lessons in life. (back)

Stanley and Charlene T